Wefare Grants

Directions for filling out our application

Name of organization:

Be as specific as possible.  If you are asking the check to be made out to an organization different than the organization that has applied for funding you must explain this in detail.


Number of request 1 or 2:

Check appropriate number.  Private organizations are allowed to receive funds from two grants per board year (fall and spring). All paperwork must be reconciled from the grant award from the first request before CBSC will review a second request.


Mailing address:  Please provide an accurate mailing address for your organization.


Make check payable: CBSC will not make checks payable to individuals. All funds must be distributed to an organization in US dollars only. Checks must be cashed within 45 days of receipt. Funds awarded for a purchase must be spent by the end of the Board Year in which the award was granted; an outstanding reconciliation will prevent a second request from being reviewed.  CBSC may reissue checks if the check is damaged or stolen and will do so on a case-by-case basis. Checks will be reissued in the original amount less the bank fee charged for issuing stop payment.


Estimated cost of yearly participation for individual: Estimate the cost of participating in this program for an individual. A complete Yearly budget can be provided instead of this information. Yearly budget should include all expenses, income, fees, fundraisers, etc. for the year. Projected income is acceptable for those organizations that raise funds throughout the year.


Event or project: Describe in detail the project or event for which the CBSC funds will be used. Include dates, numbers of participants, chaperones, activities, awards earned, etc. For specific events such as camps or purchases such as uniforms, technology, or equipment, give us the cost per individual or invoice for uniforms or equipment, as well as the projected lifetime of items or equipment. Awards will be considered for the purchase of items that will become the property of the organization, not an individual (i.e.: a camera that will be available to an entire school, not a teacher).


Costs: Give us the total cost of the event or purchase as well as the sum you seek from CBSC.  We would also like to see if your club or organization has chosen to raise funds to help offset the cost of any yearly expenses, if applicable.  Note that not all requests are funded in full. Funds raised outside of CBSC will not be counted against your request unless the funds requested are more than needed to net a $0 impact on your organization.


Volunteer: CBSC finds value in organizations such as theirs who contribute to the community at large through the generous gift of time. Be as specific as possible in your description of how your organization impacts the greater Carlisle military community.


Note: Welfare grants are given for specific costs and/or events. If for any reason the money cannot be used for the purpose for which it was granted, the grant must be returned unused to the CBSC. CBSC welfare grant funds are not transferable to another event, purchase, or organization.